Opera Diva

“Opera Diva” unites four famous operas - “Madama Butterfly”, “La Traviata”, “Norma” and “Tosca”. Its lead female characters are unified by their common destiny of sacrificing their life for the man they love.
The essence of the dramaturgy of these operas is presented using some of the best pieces of Puccini, Bellini and Verdi.
The performance has a secondary story line and its sound environment is based on text. It presents topics like bliss and fears of the artist, fame, women as divine creatures or as objects for pleasure and success - created by a man, in the name of a man.


Arabesque Contemporary dance company

Cinderella is a dynamic, funny and poetic performance made on the original music of Prokofiev. It follows the well-known tale of Cinderella while taking unexpected shifts from the plot.

It is created in an interactive way that makes the kids in the audience feel connected and become an active part of the show.
The performance combines dance and theater and while entertaining, wIth a sense of humor for both kids and parents, it sends bright and positive message about art and human relationship.

Since its premiere in 2015 Cinderella has been the most frequently played performance in Ballet Arabesque Contemporary dance company’s repertoire.

Six little indians

Arabesque Contemporary dance company

"Six little indians" is based on Agatha Christie's novel "Ten little indians".

The performance explores the act of manipulation and the way human interactions change when in danger. It has an unexpected and witty ending.

Few different musical versions of Dave Brubeck’s “Take five” are used for the performance.

Street flower

The National Ballet, Sofia

The Rousse Opera Hause

“Street flower" is created on the best excerpts from Verdi's Traviata. It follows Traviata's story interlaced with the personal life story of the composer himself.

Sleeping lake

"Sleeping lake" is a performance for youngsters that introduces  them to classical ballet and approaches them to the music of Chaikovski and Lovenskiold. 

Two classical dancers present "Swan lake", "Sleeping beauty" and "La silphide”.  Dance, text and media are used in the performance. The dancers also share insights about what it is like to be a dancer and to connect one's life to the art.