Mariana Krancheva is an exceptional dancer and choreographer with more than 20 years of experience. As a result, she has developed a versatile and unique set of skills that make her an accomplished artist with distinctive style.

She has staged full-length performances for The National Ballet Sofia, Ballet Arabesque Contemporary Dance Company, The Rousse Opera House, and Silouette Ballet School. She has also been a choreographer for numerous Opera and Theatre performances, Musicals, TV productions and Fashion shows.

Mariana has an extensive performance background - she is a former soloist and principal dancer both at the National Ballet Sofia and at Ballet Arabesque Contemporary Dance Company. She has also been part of The 4xC Theatre and Pantdance Dance-Theatre Company. She has appeared in numerous TV shows and is an award recipient of several international and national ballet and choreography competitions.

Mariana has experience as a dance teacher, working at the American College of Sofia, at New Bulgarian University and at Diva dance school.

Her talent extends to the Advertising industry where she has choreographed for BMW, First Investment Bank, Absolute Vodka, Europa Insurance Company and Bulgaria Air, and also has done product placements in her performances such as of Deja Vu wine of Minkov Brothers winery.

Moreover, what discerns Mariana’s work is that she writes the screenplays for her performances, mixing dance with other art forms to ensure variety and originality.

Her educational foundation is solid. She has a degree from the National School of Dance Art and New Bulgarian University. She studied drama theatre and has attended numerous international dance workshops with world famous teachers.

Mariana is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian and Bulgarian.

List of Choreographic work 

Full-length Performances

  • 2019 - "Opera Diva" - Arabesque Contemporary dance company
  • 2016 — “Cabare modern” – Bella Voce opera quintette at Sofia Philharmonic
  • 2016 — “Six little indians” – Arabesque Contemporary dance company 
  • 2015 — “Cinderella” – Arabesque Contemporary dance company 
  • 2009 — “Dance fashion show” (performed by stars of the National Ballet) – National Drama Theatre
  • 2008 — “Sleeping lake” – The National Ballet Sofia
  • 2007 — “Street flower” – The Rousse Opera Hause
  • 2005 — “Street flower” – The National Ballet, Sofia
  • 2005 — “The little Mermaid” – Silhouette ballet school
  • 2004 — “The sleeping beauty” – Silhouette ballet school
  • 2001 — “Watch the mouse” – Arabesque Contemporary Dance Company

Choreographer for Opera performances, Theatre plays and Musicals

  • 2018 -  "A foolish day" -  National Drama theatre
  • 2018 -   "Singin' in the rain" - Musical by Nacio Herb Brown - Varna Opera House
  • 2017 — “Two for the Seesaw” – Theatre play – Drama Theatre – Gabrovo
  • 2016 — “District Hospital” – director Dino Mustafic – Theatre off the chanel – Sofia
  • 2016 — “Justine project” – Voice and Void theatre at Avignon festival 
  • 2005 — “Dido and Aenas” – Opera by Henry Purcell - National Opera House, Sofia
  • 2004 — “The beggar’s Opera” – by Britten - National Opera House, Sofia


  • 1998–2018 — Working on many and various dance pieces for dance concerts and ballet competitions

Principal roles:

  • At The National Ballet Sofia
    “Serenade” (Ballanchin), “Zorba the Greek”, “Fahenheit 451”, “Triptih”, “The Rite if Spring”
  • At Ballet Arabesque Contemporary dance company
    “Carmen”, “Carmina Burana” “Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker”